The original story about Topic Maps


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Topic Maps in higher education

It will be an interactive day about Topic Maps, in Budapest. The correct date is 21 of July (MTA SZTAKI). So we can understand the groud items of semantic web. This technology is well-known in the OUC (Oslo University College, Norway), and now Steve Pepper who one of the most well-known adept of this topic, try to generalize in Hungary.

more informations:

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New Project: RFID

After the MicroBlogging project, I start a new one. It is RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). Of course the most important in this project that how can we use this technology in the library. The number of the digital documents growing rapidly, but the traditional books will never die. (I hope) So if we want to construct a modern library wich is easy to use, we have to make a dicision about RFID.

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What is a MicroBlog, Presentation

What Is A Microblog? Microblogs are very simple internet technologies that allow users to post short statements or sentences, usually limited to 140 characters on a central site. The post can be made available to anyone or only to a chosen audience.

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About Plurk

This is a thypical example of “simply” category. But a little different from twitter: for example we can´speak about followers here. They are fans. (It sounds much better to me 😀 ) And the messages appear in a timeline. More visuable than or twitter. Good structure, and the transparency is very high. And of course it is for free.

friendly characters

friendly characters 😀


screenshot about the timeline

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ICT day Budapest

The ICT Proposers’ Day in Budapest was all about networking in view of building quality partnerships for participating in the new Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme for 2009-2010 (ICT WP 2009-2010) of the 7th Framework Programme for R&D.Potential proposers posted hundreds of research and technology ideas on this website in the run-up to the event.

The event is over but the networking continues..

Indeed, this site offers the possibility to continue the exchange of research and technology ideas in view of finding the right partner and building project consortia for participating in one of the upcoming calls for proposals of the ICT WP 2009-2010.

To find out more about this site’s networking facilities such as browsing through other people’s proposal ideas or submitting your own research and technology demand or offer, go to Networking.

The Ideal-ist network of ICT National Contact Points and the CORDIS partners database can also help you find a matching partner.

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ICT in the hungarian education

EISZ (Electronic Information Service):

The Electronic Information Service (EISZ) is a national program on purpose to purchase the necessary electronic data sources of the higher education and scientific researches centrally, on the basis of a national licence in order to provide more information to a wider group of users on a lower price than earlier. EISZ is the main part of the higher education development program and the Euro-Atlantic integration of Hungary, because the program increases the competitiveness of the Hungarian higher education institutes significantly at one stroke, and supports the expanding democracy of the information availability.

NEPTUN (Uniform Study System):

You can arrange every university administration on this platform. Every hungarian university use it. So you can keep the contact with staff, you can register to subjects, you can watch your results, and your financial status (fellowship, or cash in the dormitry fee).

NYME – SEK Könyvtár: (Library of my University):

Informations and services: info`s about the school, about library, services, special collections, catalogue (and OPAC), connection, news, links, e-libraries.

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